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Will one of the EMF protection devices affect a Spooky2 Remote action on your body?

1. Remote action targets your body's cells. This action is instant. As soon as the frequency hits the DNA - your cells will receive the frequency. No separation between your DNA and your cells. It will go right past any external EMF protector.


2. I am extremely EMF sensitive, albeit much better after a 20-year-long struggle, and so I would say "No." These EMF protective devices should just harmonize agitated frequencies, not those that the body needs or wants. Unless you have electron spin inversion, which is what I think I have, which works a little differently, and is something that is navigated a touch differently. So, if you are wearing some device or have it in your house and it feels good to have it around, or you think it is protecting you, don't remove it just because you think it will interfere with your healing via Spooky2.


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