Can Spooky2 help with genetic deletion?

1. DH experimental blueprint and DH experimental DNA light. 


2. Highly unlikely to be able to find a frequency that would be applicable in home-lab environment. However, if you are willing to stretch what is possible, the Spooky2 Scalar might be able to help. Drawing this thought from research conducted in pyramids that are generally described as generating a scalar field. In these studies, genetic information has been rolled back to a prior form. If I recall correctly, they took strains of wheat and were able to revert them to prior strains. Worth looking into, but the information that was available 10 years ago may be buried or blocked today. A lot of it was done by Russian scientist and part of their information dump years ago. In any event, if the scalar field generated by the Spooky2 Scalar device is able to heal DNA, then it might be possible for it to undo genetic deletions. This is of course a supposition and not fact. 


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