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Is there a generic preset to 'strengthen' and/or 'smoothen' skin?

1. Look in DH Experimental. 


2. Search skin under the preset tab.


3. For some people, it' s the problems with the mineral copper. If you loose too much of it, collagen and elastin suffer and so does the skin. It' a worth a try. But be aware that copper and zinc work together. Too much copper will cost too mich zinc. That' s my understanding with sups. Don' t know if this works the same when using Rife as a delivery system. 


4. Have a look in the Cancer > DB > Remote folder for "RX Healing C". It's a ready-made preset comprising skin and memory programs. We run it 24/7 every few months. It's not related specifically to cancer, so anyone can use it. There are also contact and plasma versions available in the relevant folders. Just select, then move directly to the Control tab to run. 


For more details, please check the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/posts/2038627729632453/


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