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If GeneratorX has generator 1 being port 3 and generator 2 being port 4, where are port 1 and port 2?

  1. It depends on what computer you’re plugging them into. A different computer might have the same generators as 5 and 6. It doesn’t matter what number they are.
  2. Port 1 and Port 2 are generally reserved by the operating system to represent what used to be physical communications ports installed on older computers. Later these were no longer included and replaced by USB connections. Almost all old computers came with one printer port (LPT1) and two serial ports (COM1 & COM2) to connect a serial mouse and perhaps an external modem. To use Port 1 and Port 2, you will need to override the default enumeration of the virtual COM ports created on the USB bus. The generators communicate using the serial protocol, which is being emulated on the USB bus. Why serial? It has been a long time standard used in industry, and the XMs were originally designed to be used in an industrial setting.

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