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Will the BFB scans still be fairly accurate using hand cylinders instead of TENS Pads when used on my 8-year-old grandson?

1. You can try the hand cylinders and do a fast BFB scan. It should go relatively quickly and would give you a place to start. Then, hopefully, after enough time doing this, he may want to try the tens pads.


2. It is not usually recommended to use the hand cylinders for BFB. One of the reasons is because the cylinders would have to be held with absolutely consistent firm pressure to have a chance of good results. Most people would find that hard to do for any length of time. I doubt that would be possible in this situation, and I personally would not trust the results to be accurate. Depending on what you are wanting to achieve with the BFB scans, the Sample Digitiser scans (using a liquid) might be a good option. Others might have different opinions.


3. Actually, the pads should be on either side of the guts, so one on each side of you’re using the GenX to scan. I get the sensory issues, but maybe you could bribe/distract him with a video? It’s hard for the little ones. Also, running your scans can cause Herxing, so be sure to watch and check when you run anything on him to make sure he can handle it. (i.e. ask if his tummy feels ok).


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