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My first GenX BFB scan result is only one hour long when I loaded the resulting frequencies to the generator. Is it normal?

That's normal, between 20 and 30 frequencies, with 22-24 being common. You just didn't get any unique frequencies from the angle + current analysis.
When you run this set for a day, and then add the next scan, it will be around 2 hrs of frequencies per loop.
Then you just keep applying the last two scans together as you go forward. This way each scan applies for say 2 days -- the 2nd to last scan overlapped with the most current scan.
If you decide to go 2 days between scans, then each set will run for 4 days, etc...
You don't have to do it this way, but this gives the body ample time to ensure that what was ran has follow-ups, while still allowing you to start targeting new areas.

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