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How should I build my own program for remote treating?

Several things to consider when building your Program sequence for remote:
1) we want the sequence to repeat about every hour or two - but definitely within 4 hours for effectiveness.
2) we want the sequence to repeat at least 10 time, but 20 ia better.

As such, when adding Programs, we watch the "Estimated Total Run Time" below the Loaded Programs box in the Programs tab to determine one time run time.

We set the Repeat Sequence number (Programs tab, Options box) to 0 for infinite and time it manually until a convenient time after the the amount of passes we want - OR to a specific number of repeats and it stop when finished.

I personally set the Repeat # to 0 so it just keeps running until I get back to it to shut it off. This way it is doing something, even if it is overkill at that point...


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