When doing a grade scan for spine inflammation can you put one tens pad on occipital and other at sacral area (end of spine)? Is having a pad at occipital too high up for scanning purposes?

I assume you have GX. To honor Spooky recommendations, especially staying away from the Thyroid (T1-C5), I wouldn't personally go higher than T2-T3 (shoulder level) and would place the other pad down at L5 (lower back). You would assume that any inflammation in that range of the spine would be similar as T2 up to C1/occiput. I would also do another scan that focuses the pads on that spine range but where the pain/infection is most (as long as below T2). There is a lot of tissue between T3 and L5 and so a shorter spine range should produce a more focused BFB scan, whereas the T3-L5 scan would produce a very interesting overall scan. I would then run both scan-results for a daily 1-hour treatment with Plasma or Contact, backed by Remote running both scan results.
Make sure you place TENS pads either side of the Spine and not on the spine joints. Place one pad on the left of the spine and the other on the right of the spine to force a diagonal scan pathway. Use "GX General Scan with Baseline (JW)" and make sure you have TENS pads attached for baseline part of the scan. Also, lay still for the full 20-25 minutes to avoid false hits (Yes, even with TENS pads).
It is recommended to do a new scan(s) every 3-4 days to keep frequencies fresh as bugs can mutate (unless the Herx is high, then run results until the Herx stops).


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