Are there any programs or frequencies that will treat swallowing problem?

My swallowing issues are getting better at treating strep. I definitely have Lyme and coinfections (finally correctly diagnosed a year and a half ago after being told fibromyalgia and ms previously). Swallowing issues especially with food sticking in my throat have been related to food allergies and sensitivities for me too so there are programs for that. Also, mycoplasma can cause a surprising amount of neuro issues as can Bartonella. Both are in the Lyme protocol and separate under programs too. Running a lot of the pneumonia infections like mycoplasma, klebsiella, and streptococcus pneumonia are helping my swallowing. There's also a program called Lyme repair gi tract that is making a difference for me. I've had a sore throat for more than 10 years and increasing esophagus issues. Sore throat is gone most days only 2 weeks into spooky post terrain. Biofeedback has been so helpful and accurate for me too.


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