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When entraining crystals, etc. with the PEMF coil, can you entrain whole programs? or is one frequency better?

Tricky, you need to find the resonant base (fundamental) frequency or resonant harmonics of the individual Crystal to have the best positive effect. Every single Crystal is different, depending on its type, size and most importantly cut. The Quartz family is probably the best suited to this method. Unfortunately, the equipment required to do this is fairly complicated, tricky to use, involves lots of trial & error, and not cheap. However, you might, and I haven’t tried this yet, so no promises. Look up your favourite Crystal in the book of stones and see what it’s healing aspects are, look up the spooky database for that particular ailment and try a PEMF run for 1 frequency, you will have to try quite a few before you get some positive results. The Crystal will probably feel very different after each run. Without the fundamental frequency of that particular Crystal, it will likely be impossible to change it back to its virgin state, so please don’t try this on your favourite stones, try a sample first.

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