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For the terrain, do I just let it run for 11 days 24 hours per day? However, when you hit the start button it says the run time is 1hr 5 mins. What does that mean?

The terrain will run through the protocol by remote automatically over the 11 days. If you do contact twice a day as suggested you have to program that manually. The terrain guideline pdf will explain what to do. Just go to the CONTACT section. Better to do that via a separate generator if you have one so you don't interrupt the remote. 

The terrain protocol has a combination of detoxing your body of metals, toxins, chemicals, viruses, bacteria, and parasites along with healing frequencies to support the organs in your body that do the detoxing. The purpose of doing the terrain is to prepare your body so that you can get more benefits from the frequencies that you use afterward to treat your conditions.
To find out what areas you need to work on you need to do a biofeedback scan which will give you the top ten frequencies that your body reacts to.
During the biofeedback scan, it sends a range of frequencies through your body so it causes some die-off. The scan measures which frequencies cause the most die off (what screams the loudest). You save the scan results and then use those results to treat via the contact and/or remote.
You can also do a reverse lookup when you do a scan and it will give you a list of programs that the frequency could be related to. It's not a diagnostic tool but some people find it interesting.
It's recommended you do a biofeedback scan every 4-5 days then run the results on remote 24/7 and do a contact session once or twice a day.
I hope that makes sense. All the best.


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