Should I stop BFB scan if I have a strong herx reaction?

I got hit with a hard herx this weekend causing knee and hip pain among other things. Since I realized it was definitely herx I did two days with Lyme herxheimer helper 1 and 2 running 12 hours each day and I ran contact overnight on joint pain, knee pain, analgesia pain relief settings. I also iced my knees. I stopped killing treatments for two days. This worked amazingly and I feel much better today. Before that, I did try other things like a binder and a detox bath. Bad herxes can take me a week or two to clear usually so this is wonderful. As usual spooky itself did a better job than anything else. I have the contact accessories so I used the knee sleeves. Don't put tens pads directly on a joint. Also, keep in mind with multiple coinfection diseases or cancer you may want to follow protocols that kill the larger organisms first so you may herx less. I have Lyme and general bb scans pick that up in reverse lookup for a lot of my frequency matches. I herx when I kill it before other things every time.

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