How do I get different scan results in a few hours?

1. Because while running scan you are being treated. It changes every time you run it. Plus as always not the results are not a diagnosis. Many illnesses share the same frequencies so best to disregard results.

2.As JW says, your body is made up or more than 50% bacteria and viruses - with even smaller granular viruses inside the bacteria, and not forgetting parasites, organisms, critters, etc. Even without treatment that ecosystem is constantly shifting, evolving, multiplying, and dying. Plus, your bodies homeostatic ebb and flow also shift minute by minute. It's never static. It's almost impossible to see a consistency of freq result, even after you have killed off the major pathogenic players.

But let's say you did, and there was a moment when all the trillions of bugs stood still long enough to return a consistent result, as Kirstin says, the biofeedback scan's frequency sweep would have killed enough pathogens and changed the freq ecosystem of the body, to change the result anyway.
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