Will using a cellphone or tablet mess with the biofeedback scan? Will it affect the outcome?

I am a frequency researcher that has tested many phones. Phones yes. Tablets maybe.
Phones use a high-frequency pulse to connect with cell towers every 2-3 seconds, or what I call a "ping". It's basically pinging the towers to connect, check, and update and the ping frequency ranges from about 850-2400 megahertz here in Australia for 4G (and would be similar in the USA).
That ping is outside the 40 MHz range of the biofeedback scan's frequency sweep but you have to wonder about octaves and harmonics affecting the scan - especially as the amplitude of that ping can be 10,000-100000 times higher than the Bio-Initiative safe levels (it often reaches the limit of my Radio Frequency (RF) test meter). And don't get me started on 5G!
It's not good for the body and my guess is, it could certainly influence your scan results (and possibly contact and plasma), either because the cell frequencies are drilling the body and interfering with the body's reaction to scan "hits", or interfering with the scan frequencies. I haven't tested that idea with Spooky2 so I don't know for sure ... and it would be a great question to ask JW.
The tablets are a bit different. There are two basic types:
(1) Tablets that connect to Wifi via a 4G Sim card for mobile Wifi. That's basically just a giant phone with the same bad effect, if not worse.
(2) Tablets that connect to your Wifi Router at home. That isn't as bad in comparison, especially if your son is as far away from the Wifi router as possible, but not ideal. There may still be RF interference with your scan since WIFI runs in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio band and octaves and harmonics could again be an issue. It's still a lot of RF noise.
As Kirstin stated, being on the tablet but disconnected from Wi-Fi is much better. The level of RF and EMF at tablet puts out on "flight mode" is quite small in comparison to wife and 4G.
Ideally, it would be great if you can do the scan with TENS pads or Sample Digitizer with NO tablet but let him use the tablet during Contact and Plasma, disconnected from Wi-Fi.
I hope this helps.

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