Is the plasma tube supposed to get hot? Is it supposed to make noise on certain frequencies? How often can you run biofeedback scan results with Plasma?

1. It gets warm and can make a little noise all depends on the frequency. I run my results on remote 24-7 for 3 days with nightly plasma. I then rescan and repeat.

2. (1) When my partner had cancer, we ran his BFB results on both plasma and remote. These days, just remote for him, and just plasma for me. Personal choice. It depends on the severity of your condition.
(2) The plasma bulb (and I'm assuming the tube) does heat up, but the actual white cables should not be hot. If that occurs, contact Spooky2 support.
(3) Certain frequencies will be audible. This is quite normal.
(4) How often you run plasma depends upon the protocol you're using, e.g. one of the cancer protocols requires about six hours of plasma a day, and some of the factory presets (e.g. Healing & Regeneration) run for extensive periods. However, if you're running a set of selected programs or your BFB results by plasma, one session a day would be appropriate.

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