How can I use GeneratorX while disconnect to a computer?

With the PC connected, follow all the steps for the preset/program you choose until you get to Control, Overwrite Generator, choose any generator. Confirm that your preset and programs are shown in the panel. On the right hand side, under the GenX picture, there are buttons for Load, Copy, Reset, Paste, Erase. Click on Load. A new window will open showing all the 30 program position available in the GenX. Write the name of your Preset/Program above and double click any one of the 30 positions to load your Preset/Program there. If that position already has a program, when you double click on it, it will be replaced by the new one, so be careful. Be aware that Sweep programs will not load into the GenX.
Now you can disconnect the your GenX from the PC and run the saved Preset/Progam standalone. This is the beauty of GenX!

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