What can I do with "generatoe error" message after relocating both generators and laptop to a new room?

1. It is advised to stop the generators first and then to close the spooky software before unplugging your generators from the USB.

Try the following steps: click in spooky software "global", then click "stop". This will stop all generators that are running. Now close the spooky software and switch off your generators, unplug them from the USB of your laptop/computer and plug them back to the laptop/computer. Switch the generators on, open the spooky software, and check if the generators work again. If you do this, the numbers of your generators in the control tab will maybe be changed, be aware of this.
2. Shut down and turn off all gens. Unplug all your USB connections. Replug all connections. Turn on generators. Restart computer. Relaunch software. It is most frequently a USB problem when you see such error messages. On a number of occasions over the years, I've had to unplug and replug my USBs, even though I've used all the same ports.
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