How do I treat these spots all over my back?


1. You could try the "flash" which is a MiraMate product also made by Spooky2.

2. Have you done full detoxing programs including Terrain? Lot of this is the liver congested.

3. My father age 75 had something similar and miramate flash seemed to help, but so far we only treated them twice. Full power and only 5 flashes for two days until the skin basically got a tan. It is kind of like getting a base tan before you go out in the full sun. Then we covered the surrounding skin the best we could and hit it 25 times on full power ( I know it recommends 10). here is a picture after two treatments (25 at full power + plus 2 treatments 5 flashes at full power).





4. Always do kidney and liver then look for programs with neoplasm or neoplastic but definitely excess production of melatonin.

5. Hulda Clark parasite cleanse listed under Cancer is a good start followed by kidney and liver frequencies.

6. See dermatologist for those black spots. You can get proper diagnosis than you can find frequency on the list of program tab.

7. Looks like very common seborrheic keratosis. Sometimes freezing these spots with liquid nitrogen gets rid of them.

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