What happened to the BP database in the previous version of Spooky2 software?

The DNA database is like the BP database on steroids. I released a paper explaining how they are calculated to prevent anyone from patenting the method. Your comments are similar to many I receive. People look at the program count of the new DNA databases and think that it has shrunken. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, there are many more real entries, but repeats have been removed and the method of combining them into programs has been vastly improved.

At one time Spooky had 55,000 programs in total. If I were to use the same algorithm to combine DNA programs there would be well over 60,000 programs. But we focus on programs that actually do something instead of just pumping the numbers up. Partially sequenced genomes, miRNA, mRNA, piRNA, non-coding, non-functional, contigs, allels, etc etc, have been removed. Only the goodness is left. It makes the database more precise and accurate.

You may have noticed that the Tissue Factor is disabled in the latest versions of DNA and MW presets. A paradigm change is taking place between now and the next formal release as we come to grips with how any corrective factor should be applied. We now know how to best apply frequencies, and are about to alter the presets to suit. I am currently typing this from a beautiful Chinese village with little in the way of technology. When we return to our regular stomping ground I'll put everything we have learned into a new set of presets.

You will see how much more effective they are. And you are right. Tissue Factor is being applied incorrectly. Things are in flux, but I'll get everything packaged together early next week.

Also next week I'll have completed an all-new DNA database with parasites such as worms included. The vast amount of information takes time to process, so please be patient.

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