Can Spooky2 help with low oxygen levels?

1. They can if one selects the proper equipment, Presets or Programs.

2. There are frequency sets that are reputed to help. but I am not a doctor. The scans can be used to help assist in a wide variety of healing applications because they relate to whats wrong with the body at the moment in many different ways and on many different levels. So it could help. But I cant say 100% for sure as I am not a medical professional. I personally would suggest that you try it and use scanning.

3. Spooky2 does have free to help breathing. Type in "lung" or "oxygen" in the Programs tab.

4. I use the blood purify program with the cold laser wrist as the blood cells carry oxygen etc this combination of infrared helps break up sticky blood cells and increases blood flow aiding the respiratory system indirectly. You can put the laser on any part of the body where there’s stiffness in a muscle of joint and it will be of additional benefit.

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