Can I run Covid-19 preset by JW on plasma four times a day?

1. It depends how you feel. If you did 24 min one after the other and didn't feel any response from the body, it could be that there was nothing to kill, or at least not killing enough pathogens to overload your kidneys and liver, which usually causes a herx/headache reaction.
But if you want to run Covid as a preventative, then better to boost the immune system and look for vitamin c under the MW (molecular weight) programs. There's also a nice little multi-vitamin program called Vitamag which I've found to be great. But run these on remote, not on plasma.
In order to set the program to repeat continuously, in the program tab look under the options section at the bottom of the screen and set repeat chain to 0.

2. If you don't have any symptoms and are just interested in prevention (a good idea) then running a COVID-19 preset for remote is a good idea.

For more details, please check the link:

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