Where do you put your Tens Pads to treat the coronavirus?

1. If I were running Corona in contact mode, I myself would have one pad on back of right hand and other pad on top of left foot. This allows full body contact rifing.

2. For tens treatment for Corona as it’s chest we are most worried about , I would place one one my stomach and one on my shoulder.

3. The lungs are most affected and critical. So, imo, I would go shoulder to shoulder. Just using the handles would work too, I think. Running remote 24/7 is what some people are doing. People with pacemakers do need to be careful when doing Tens or handles. Don't allow electrical currents to pass through the heart region. Remote, scalar are safe. Plasma too if not real close to the pacemaker, more than 6 inches away from it ( out of the near zone). I don't know the official guidance on plasma, this is just my gut feeling.
Joseph Smith diagram is good. Probably good to run for some time, say 30 minutes, and then move the pads to the opposite side and run for 30 minutes, etc.

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