What's the longest you can run the central plasma unit before giving it a break?

1. I myself run a few hours per 48 hours... I myself think its more about how long can one's body go before it needs a break to detox dead parasites, viruses, bacteria, pathogens, etc. I have run plasma I think for 8-10 hours and it was too much for me ie overloads my body with too many reactions to detox, killing, and herxing. Plasma is really powerful, I myself may be run an hour or two every other day. We all have different body chemistries and levels of infection, good to listen to one's body to know what is best. Spooky2 tech can run a long time with a good fan, ventilation keeps it from overheating.


2. It is up to your body, but also up to what sets you are using and how your level of infection of the different types of pathogen is being affected. Sometimes we just have to go by feel.


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