What would happen if we send us frequencies for measles and other illnesses?

1. Our bodies will only use frequencies it needs. The rest will desapate through us.

2. Rife therapy devitalizes pathogens. It doesn't give you the pathogen. The waveform wiggles and aggravates pathogens until they die.

Only MW molecular weight gives to you the substance.

Detox wiggles the toxin out of its hiding place into your detox pathways to be exited. And is why our detox pathways need to remain open.

3. If there are any pathogens with resonant frequencies within, they are devitalized. If there is nothing that resonates with a pathogen's frequency, that frequency is just "wasted". In other words, the frequency can be used as a (mostly) preventative if the pathogen is present and you may be exposed because as soon as it is present within an area exposed to the frequency, it would be acted on. You may have some symptoms, but muted as the pathogen is dealt with as soon as possible.

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