Why do I get so depressed and sad/ mad when I kill Lyme? What do I do?

1. I get angry and I think that a lot of it is due to my co-infections and being clogged up with toxic debris so the body cant work as well as it should. The more killing i seem to do around my digestive tract the easier life gets as I end up detoxing the blockages. As they leave the body I feel relief. I get calmer.

2. Take binders.

3. Toxins from killed bacteria do this. You can add serotonin programs, depression and Lyme herx helpers. If not enough add 5-HTP and niacin from supplements. Do also detox programs.

4. Are you eating milk products or gluten or sugar? Please completely stop these foods. Because they cause leaky gut.

5. I use a good quality frankincense oil to help as well as yoga, Epsom salt baths and ornithine to reduce the ammonia. Also use spooky programs as well.

6. Take notice of your thoughts try to redirect them in the beginning.

7. Diatomaceous Earth alternated by activated charcoal infested is key for cleaning out die off from your intestines. Alternate every other day.

8. Your liver processes the toxins released from the die-off. The emotions associated with the liver are anger, worry & sadness. Be sure to support your liver while detoxing.

9. Running "rescue remedy" frequency set might help you a lot. Its on the Bach Flower Remedies folder.

10. I think the die off can cause brain inflammation by endotoxins build up. You need to be working at detoxing brain with spooky and other supplements or essential oils

11. There are many frequencies to help emotional problems in our database please check them out and DH experimental frequencies also.

12. Also the MW cannabis sativa frequency set can take the edge off your emotions too.

13. Yea this is something that can happen when bacteria and parasites in your body are dying, this can make a mess in your body, brain and in the hormone balance. I read about a woman who had this reaction during the die off of babesia. I know it's painful, but don't forget it's temporary. I hope that you are feeling a bit better today.

14. Die-off products. They overload the clearing pathways and also antagonize cells. That is why taking off a day or two to allow the crud to clear is good. Maybe do a detox in the bathtub water or a Spooky2 foot bath detox. Do stay well hydrated and do some exercise too. If you have access to a near infrared sauna, that would help too.
Spooky2 has a lot of detox presets too. Running one would likely help.

15. Hot salt water bath for 20 mins sounds like a good idea.

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