How can I run 50 hours to make colloidal silver?

You can adjust the dwell multiplier to 3000 in the Programs tab.

For more details, please check the link:

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    Christopher J

    50 hours to make colloidal silver?????

    That alone exposes this system is not set up to make QUALITY CS.

    I bought 2 systems from Spooky to make CS... and it was a complete joke...i've gone thru 2 other systems and now finally have an amazing system that makes 5 gallons of high quality CS in 1hour.... yes 1 hour... i have a larger system to make 30 gallons in 1hr and my product if superior to anything out in the stores proven with my clients health recovering.

    This system designed by spooky to make cs is incredibly flawed they need to scrap this and rebuild a proper system to deliver a powerful finish product which spooky didn't and never will once you do the research and testing it will be immediately clear.

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