Is there a toxicity limit of colloidal silver?

1. Mine runs 7-10 ppm. I take 2 oz morning and night. I’ll double up if I feel like I’m coming down with something and nebulize it if it going to the lungs for at least a week. That’s the plan. Mine is also nanoparticals. Very teensy.

2. I use the nasal spay when I feel i'm exposed to something. I also gargle with it. I'm afraid to drink it, though.

3. I had taken over 250ml daily for over a year and had no adverse side effects that I could see.

4. I've been drinking it daily, a shot glass, more if I feel a bit unwell, for 12 years. I make my own, around 10-12ppm.
Silver is an essential mineral for our body. We get most from our food but because crops are grown in petrochemical drenched soils for over 50 years we are all mineral deficient. We normally take in 78 to 80 micrograms a day, half of that from our food. Our bodies have mechanisms to flush out excess silver. HOWEVER if you overload your body for years with high doses, like 20 FL oz or more A DAY FOR YEARS, your skin could turn a bluish/grey. This is because the body has pushed the excess silver to the sub levels of the skin. When this skin is exposed to sunlight the silver in it tarnishes and becomes a blue/grey colour.
It is not dangerous just ugly.
The safe and responsible use of Colloidal Silver is the best home pharmacy.

5. I drink 125ml every day for months now, no problem.... there were times i drunk 250ml every day..... I have a CS machine that makes 1 litter 20PPM in 3 hours so I have no problems making as much as I want and take as much as I want.... I also use sometimes a reducing liquid that turns the Ionic silver into Particles usually i turn the 20 PPM into 10 PPM Ionic and the rest is turned into Particles... I also use ultrasonic inhaler to breath 5ml CS directly in to the lungs and from there directly into the blood... I use this device -

6. Put 1-2 tsp colloidal silver in a nebulizer and inhale to infected lungs.

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