Can anyone be more specific regarding frequencies and waveforms for the PEMF coil to treat back pain?

1. Real PEMF uses pulses (as the name itself is saying)

A pulse is a square wave with a very low duty cycle.

This signal contains haromic frequencies in the MHz range.

So: A 10 Hz pulsed PEMF coil emit frequencies from 10 Hz (the fundamental frequency) up to frequencies in the Mhz Range.

2. About frequencies,
Nasa uses, 1,10,40,100,
Many pemf machines uses shumman 7.83 or sub harmonic of it, or lower,
Or 3.96hz

About waveforms, at least square.
Better if pulsed.
Pulsed Can be emulated a litte setting duty cycle to 1 .
Some device use only positive offset, settings offsett out 1 100 out2-100.
Some device reverse the positive offset to negative, setting swap waveform every 60 seconds.

For more details, please check the link:

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