What’s the difference between the rife/Spooky2 system and the bob Beck protocol?

The Beck method is different and I have used Beck before. Sure there are benefits to the beck technology and if you want to mix systems I am sure not going to stop you, but no matter what, after having done it the Beck way, I would rather be doing it the spooky way. Also the XM generator can be configured to make a "wired" beck zapper. A PDF of it is in another spooky group. IMHO, there are pathogens that the beck method and the Hulda Clark methods that spooky will get and the beck and clark methods wont (and maybe visa versa). Spooky2 can emulate Beck Protocol very closely and go way beyond. But for non-tech peeps the simpleness of Beck is hard to beat. Same with Hulda Clark's devices. MiraMate's stuff are all simple to use and I hope will be expanding its offerings.

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