Are there any frequencies to help against marijuana addiction?

1. I have had addiction problems my entire life, alcohol, drugs. From getting Morgellons staying in a moldy home, I was forced to start colon cleansing and stuck to the candida diet. Doing this strictly for two years wiped out my severe depression /bi polar. I am for the first time mentally stable and have no desire to consume anything addictive. Once the body is healthy the mind makes healthy choices. Toxic body, toxic mind, toxic choices.

2. Maca also satisfys (and regulates) the body's endocannabinoid systems. Some people find it easier to stop using cannabis once they are taking maca daily. Beware you can do more damage than good if you take raw maca with traces of mould. The most brilliant authority on maca Seleno health based in NZ, where I learnt all this at their seminar. They have heat treated maca, black, red and yellow maca.

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