Do I need to buy Spooky2 Central and Scalar for killing pathogens like babesia?

1. If you can afford both these items, then I would get them.

Plasma is recommended for long term health problems and chronic conditions.

In my view, Scalar is subtle and heals at cellular level and I am very grateful for mine because it healed an issue in my left breast, got me sleeping again after many, many years of insomnia and I can play my GeneratorX through Scalar as well as do biofeedback scans (also via Scalar Rife).
And if you want to cover all the bases, then get some hard working XM's with remotes to do the work of running different healing and killing programs simultaneously and a Pulse for its ability to find frequencies via your BPM (heart rate).

2. Depends on what you’re dealing with we have a longer track record with plasma with cancer but if you can work GX and Scalar very strong delivery system also.

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