Can the Tramadol frequencies replace the pills or at least reduce the amount my mother needs to take? How long do you run the frequencies for? Is there a danger of overdosing from the frequencies?

1. Try loading Tramadol into a healing Shell Remote preset->MW BP DNA (R) - JW and see what happens. IMO I don't think you can overdose. Keep in mind substances are complex and a single frequency may not work.

2. I did few treatments with MW frequencies. I used them instead of taking medicines. Repeated the frequency for half an hour remotely, 2 frequencies for an hour, three times a day. The rest of the time using other programs related to the disease. Once I got myself a terrible headache and felt really terrible. I realized I forgot to turn of the MW frequencies, the were running at this time nearly 3 hours. So, I personally recommend to start slowly and figure out how much it needs.

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