How can we do Remote treatment on 100 or 1000 people simultaneously?

To put a thousand DNA samples in a single remote, you would have to cut each fingernail sample down to the size of a grain of sand or smaller, then put 200 samples in a small piece of tape, so you could fit 5 of these taped samples in the box. Alternatively, you could buy 10 XM and 10 Boost and 10 Remotes, and you could put larger samples in each remote. There is a limited of how much volume of DNA sample and Tape that will fit in a Remote box, as these boxes are designed for 1 DNA sample in 1 piece of tape. You only need 1 piece of DNA from the fingernail for this to work, and DNA is microscopic in size. You may need to powderize the DNA and take a sample even smaller than a grain of sand.

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