What can you do if generators keep stopping and showing everything in red letters?

1. First try just one Spooky2 generator to your computer, direct. Then try inserting your USB strip. Try increasing Spooky2 generators until it fails. It may be a current draw issue. You may need 2 USB strips for that current.

2. I fixed the issue by:
1) Turning on Spooky2
2) Turning on first XM
3) Rescanning
4) Turning on second XM
5) Rescanning
and so on.
No problems now.
For more details, please check the link:

3. I think perhaps you mean that the actual writing inside the generator icon turns red.
If this is so it indicates that the generator has stopped responding and there should be an error message in ERRORS tab.

The most common cause of this is a momentary loss of communication between the hub and the generator.

This can be something as simple as moving the connecting cable between the hub and the generator.

Be sure the connections have been properly made.

If your gear is relatively new it could be simply some lacquer in the hub port or the USB cable. This can usually be cleared by just firmly removing and re-inserting the connector.
When you get this done make sure the cables are secure and have minimal tension on them.

I've found that on most occasions you will need to restart Spooky to clear the error but you should try Rescan Devices in the Utils tab as this may clear the error without shutting down and re-starting.
Either way you can get going where you left off by using the Global Resume command.

For more details, please check the link:

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