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What presets are good to use the straight tube with?

1. You only need to choose a Preset for Plasma, and then you don't want to change this plasma preset at all. So you have chosen a correct Plasma Preset which is good to use with Spooky2 Central and the Plasma tube. I have this equipment too. We are often told " Use the Preset "Plasma Advanced (P) - JW for frequencies Higher than 100kHz, or if using freq that are both higher and lower than 100kHZ. For frequencies lower than 11Khz use the Preset "Entrainment and Healing (P)". I don't know what frequencies you are running, but the one you have chosen would be OK.

2. When I started 5 years ago I started trying to check all the settings in a Preset too, and this just caused a lot of unneeded frustration and stress for myself. I still cannot get my head around everything you might see in the Settings Tab of any Preset. Something you could do easily if you are concerned about the Plasma Preset is before you start, In Control, right-click on the generator you are going to use, then choose " Yes" to only run plasma on this generator. Then the generator number will be in bold (Darker) numbers now. By doing this, if there is a mistake in the Plasma Preset settings, then after you load the Shell Preset for Plasma and the frequencies it won't run on the generator anyway, and you could ask for help. Anytime you want to run something else other than Plasma on this generator, you can reverse the process, and reset this gen back to normal to run remote or contact, etc. Blessings.

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