Has anyone run “Hunt and Kill” on the GeneratorX till it stopped automatically?

It is definitely possible for the Hunt and Kill to terminate. However, there is no guarantee of the time frame of when this termination will happen. Initially the first scan of the Hunt & Kill finds 10 or so pathogens, and then proceeds to treat them. After the treatment, the next scan refines the first 10 frequencies, so a full scan is not done, but instead Spooky is looking for adaptations or mutations that the pathogen may have done to evade the treatment. But the issue is you may be so loaded with a particular pathogen that could be hidden in many parts of your body, that to successfully terminate that pathogen might take weeks.
So your need to do other things than just sitting there connected to TENS pads might make you stop the Hunt & Kill before self termination, and restart a new Hunt and Kill later.
The Scan and Run, other the other hand, will likely never terminate as each scan process is a full scan, unless magically you were free of all pathogens.

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