How can we know Spooky2 Remote really works?

1. I would recommend the Spooky Spectrum Sweep(R) - JW to eliminate some pests like ants, cockroaches, etc. I have had several previous successes eliminating ants in the garden and house, and lace-bugs on azalea shrubs. Usually, I run the program for 7-10 days to see the full effect.

I am currently trying to eliminate some curl grubs using the remote. We found some in the soil of a pot plant yesterday afternoon. I collected approximately 10 and placed them in a separate pot with a covering of soil. I then commenced running the Spooky Spectrum Sweep (R) with a small curl grub placed in between some tape, in the remote. I checked them approximately 20 hours later and a few already appear to be struggling and are less active.

2. The first test I did was to convince myself. I wanted to run something that wasn't likely to produce any serious negative consequences, so I ran the program for eye floaters. It worked. So, then I tried some other program for a minor ailment, etc.

So, maybe the best thing to do is to get DNA samples from your friends and when one of the starts coming down with something, put the DNA in a remote and see if you can help reduce the length of their illness. We all have tendencies toward certain sicknesses, so they probably know what the typical duration is.

It's difficult to play "prove-it". If someone is in that frame of mind, then they very well may not benefit from the treatment. So that's why I would just make a concerted effort to work little problems and do so consistently. If it works, they'll figure it out. I think I would point them to some of the videos JW has made discussing remotes and let them get an understanding of the concepts first.

3. Type 0389 in the Preset box and run it in the remote for someone who has definite wrinkles under their eyes. Take a before picture.

I think it only took a few hours for it to work for me. But it took two days for me to believe it!

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