Has anyone used EMF shielding fabric or some type of shielding to prevent GX from crashing when using Plasma?

1. Please use the USB cables and the BNC cables with the donut rings (the green ferrite cores). Also it helps if the GX is not plugged into the same outlet as the Plasma device, and is better if the power outlet used is from a different circuit breaker than the one the Plasma is on.

2. Had same problem. Put a Green Wave filter on the outlet for the GX or XM and another on the outlet for the Plasma--no problems since.

3. Best to house them in a cooled box with double insulated aluminum or tinfoil. Note that some of the interface is induced through the power cables and usb to the laptop or device. It’s tricky to minimize all exposure.

4. I put insulation with foil on both sides under the laptop. I have aluminum foil under the XMs. The phanotron tube is not close to the GX. I don’t have any problems since I did this.

For more details, please check the link:

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