How many people can you treat at once with a GX Essential Kit?

1. If you give all the same treatment, then you can treat as many people as nails fit into the remote. Means 10+.

For people needing different treatments, means different frequencies, you need one generator per preset (set of frequencies you run at the same time) (XM is one generator, GX has 2 generators). You can have the nails of one person also in many remotes at the same time.
I mainly do it that way that I run those frequencies I need, but my parents and some friends who gave me nails get the same treatment.

Most time I just have some basic stuff running against cold or negative influences.

But when I treat my father for diabetes, then all the family is treated at the same time. I for sure always have my nail in there, so I can feel if something is wrong with the frequencies. (I am the most sensitive person in the family).

2. We have two GX generators and have four family members (2 per generator) going at the same time. We all use them for very different things. I have put more than two people in a generator for a virus or muscle healing after an injury and stuff like that. But we hardly ever have a free port to do that. I told my husband we need two more GXs: 1 for the rest of our family and one for friends.

3. I have this setup. I use one remote for group healing and one remote for specific healing rotating patients 24/7, prioritizing the most urgent conditions.
I would say 4-5 patients with this setup us doable with some juggling.
I am looking at getting another generator/remote set up to make it easier though.

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