Why doesn't your Spooky2 generator port respond?


When my port # is not responding, it means they have lost communication with the software.

My generators will be stuck running the same frequency over and over which causes frequency fatigue. You will need to close the software, turn off/on the generators, restart your computer, may have to unplug/replug the generators.

I have found my generators operate better if I restart the computer before I update the software and after I update the software.

I also go into Device Manager of the computer, open each port, click Power Management - uncheck the box that states the computer can close an inactive port.

When I updated Windows 10, Windows 10 changed all the ports back to being able to close the ports causing my generators to be faulty. I have learned I have to do this task every time I update the software. Thus, it’s best not to update Windows 10 and use a computer that never goes online except updating Spooky2 software.

There is a document in the Announcements section that best explains how to set our computers to operate smoothly.

For more details, please check the link:

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