Does anyone get depressed and cranky while running killing programs?

1. My personal experience with Herxheimer reactions with Rifing and zapping suggests that tiredness, nausea, headaches, cold or flu symptoms (usually short-lived, even to just 30 minutes at times or possibly a few hours), a sensation of hunger and the like are common symptoms I have received. If you are killing something that wants to live off addictive things (junk food, sugar, high glycemic index or high glycemic load foods, caffeine, nicotine, alcoholic drinks and the like) you could hypothetically get something that feels almost like a drug withdraw. This could include being emotionally scratchy and short like a smoker who can't get his fix when he needs it.

2. If you find that you get depressed, run 10000. This will trigger endorphin release in your body. I will sometimes take an 8-ounce glass of fresh carrot juice to give my body what it needs to make endorphins.

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    Zac Larsen

    I've noticed when I run the terrain program I am extremely agitated and easily annoyed! Only for about the first 4 days and then it subsides. but everytime for the first 4 days indeed.

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