Is there a frequency that can make me less lazy and more motivated?

1. I am not sure, but you can try the MW frequency for caffeine run through the MW shell. short use only!. But maybe you are lacking in motivation because you are toxic? Maybe long term running terrain by remote or going through the Morgellons and Lyme protocol by plasma or contact and remote would help? Could it be a nutritional problem? Maybe the daily wellness preset could help? Is it due to a lack of sleep? maybe insomnia presets can be beneficial? Maybe it's a mild mood problem in which case long at antidepressant effects could be useful? maybe it's due to mold and yeast overgrowth in the digestive tract and it can be tackled with yeast and mold sets? maybe you just have too much gunk in the system and you need something that will donate electrons and devitalize the static charge of the accumulated poo in the hole body and you, therefore, need to do Hulda Clark style zapping using the XM generator, a BNC cable with crocodile clips and copper handholds wrapped with wet kitchen towel (30,000 Hz, 9v, 100% positive offset, 50% duty cycle, square wave, 7 minutes connected, 20 minutes rest over and over again for 4 hours). You can say that you are listless and weak, lack motivation and the like. But this is an unnatural state and can have many causes and you need to go on a path of healing to work out what the causes are and then to work out what the right method of addressing it should be. and for anything non Spooky2, you need to speak to your doctor, pharmacist, dietitian, allergy specialist or naturopath.

2. Daily wellness. Better sleep, more energy in the day. I ran it on a friend and she noticed on day 2 she was highly motivated to start writing her next album after a stretch of writer's block.

3. Hypnosis can by working with the subconscious

4. I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. So I know what works for me. When I get 'lazy' it is very often from becoming toxic - in my case from lipopolysaccharides (LPS) of gram-negative bacteria and candida and such, paired with low serotonin levels. Some LPS can be very potent poisons. When the gut flora is in a very unbalanced state it cannot produce enough of the happy hormone serotonin. 95% of serotonin is made in the gut. The Nick Dewey gave you a very good answer - basically you would have to rule out everything that could make you fatigued. In my case imprinted plasma water with the blood purify frequency 3.92 gives me excellent results within a few hours. Within a day or 2, I'm completely 'functioning' after drinking a liter or 2. You could also imprint the water with XM generator but I don't know how potent it is. Killing off pathogens or detoxing heavy metals & such will make you even more toxic at first if your body cannot get rid of the 'waste' quickly enough.

5. I run a combo of



Frequency fatigue



Aroma life



Java flex


Oxygenate cell


Well being (type sense of)

Along with other things for the day time

6. I like 10Hz. It energizes the mitochondria and encourages them to multiply. I use 10Hz with PEMF coil to energize water too.

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