What are programs for combating the food, stress, diet and sleep changes around the busy holidays?

Have you looked at the Daily Wellness preset in the Presets tab, under >Heal, >Remote? From the notes: "Daily Wellness (R) - BY

For use with Remote Mode only.

This is a general well-being program, designed by Judy Buduccio. There are 4 presets in this chained preset. Here are the names of the preset and their run times:
1. Sleep Induction (R) - DB: 5 hours
2. Multi-Vitamin and Mineral (R) - JW: 4 hours
3. Daytime (R) - BY: 11 hours
4. Evening (R) - BY: 4 hours

The entire preset runs for 24 hours. Start the preset an hour before you want to fall asleep. So let’s say you want to fall asleep at 10 pm, the preset will run as follows:
9 pm-2 am: Sleep Induction
2 am-6 am: Multi-Vitamin and Mineral
6 am-5 pm: Daytime
5 pm-9 pm: Evening

The preset Daytime (R) - BY has the following programs:
ATP Generate XTRA
Gamma Brainwave Frequency ETDF
Chakra 2 Crown ALT
Absentmindedness CAFL
Clarity of Thought/Mental Function Stimulate XTRA
Mental Function Improve XTRA
Memory and Test-taking Improve XTRA
Concentration Improve XTRA
Emotional Balance 1 XTRA
Emotions General Aid XTRA
Grounding XTRA
The preset Evening (R) - BY has the following programs:
Skin Collagen Building ETDF
Skin + Facial Toning XTRA
Grounding XTRA
Chakra 2 Crown ALT"

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