Are medication presets useful?

1. You have to treat them as experimental like with anything related to Spooky2. But I have had some effects from them by contact and remote mode so they do something. I think there must be some debate as to what they affect and how as I am not totally sure myself. And the effect wasn't as profound as actually taking a drug. But when run through the MW shell, these things seem to have an effect. Don't stop taking what the doctor has prescribed. I am not a medical practitioner.

2. I started using them very carefully and with success. For example, our horse fell and had injuries on both front legs, one quite deep, but not so that they had to been sewn. Started with infection, inflammation, healing programs on Spooky2. Both legs swell up terribly and got edemas in the joints. Stood before the decision to get the vet, but decided that I try to use the frequencies of the corticoid and the antibiotic the vet would give by injection in this situation. During one day I used the two frequencies for an hour three times on remote. The rest of the day I run the other programs. The next day, much better. Kept on going for two days like that and then the infection was away and it was a normal wound healing process following. So, I use them in between and carefully. I forgot once to turn a painkiller off by myself. The pains were gone away but after 3 hours I got a strong headache, so I remembered.

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