Has anyone experienced rapid aging on their face while using Spooky2?

1. No. But it makes me wonder if you are dehydrated. Make sure to drink lots and lots of water. Being dehydrated will affect the skin and make you look older.

2. I have experienced exactly the opposite. It may be that detoxing, Herxing, etc causes you to look tired and worn out, however, that passes.

You’ll never know what you are preventing.

3. It sounds like you are going through a heavy detox, which can show in the skin, but once it is done, the skin should improve again.
As suggested, drink as much water as possible to assist with the toxin flush.

4. The answer isn’t always to drink more water. The real answer is, how are the cells retaining the water that is ingested. How much good quality organic minerals/electrolytes are you taking in the course of the day. Because if your potassium is low, you won’t have enough water inside the cell. Sodium and potassium are in a constant battle of where the water goes.

5. I dont know for sure but maybe running "detox" could be mobilizing toxins which are too much for your body. Maybe couple with binders, infrared sauna and foot baths for example, and support lymph.

6. When I have been in heavy detox or healing, my face won't look as healthy or as hydrated as normal. Maybe this is because my body is directing my blood away from the head, to not poison the brain.

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