Can a program be run over a large area?

1. Rife dreamed of one day cancer frequencies would be broadcast over the radio, towers and people would be healed while driving to work.

2. Yes. Effectively too. Maybe with the radionics accessory. I think radionics broadcasts but not sure if this is what is meant.

3. Simple broadcast radio technology theory would apply.
Radio stations already apply an audible signal on top of an inaudible carrier wave. In the case of Rife frequencies, he found that a specific frequency was effective against a specific virus or pathogen but would cause it to shatter when paired with a second frequency separated by the 11th harmonic.
He and his lab assistant inadvertently cleared out all of their lab specimens by accident while experimenting with an RF antenna mounted beneath the floor. He said he abandoned RF because the antenna tended to heat up. But you could broadcast from a commercial radio station and saturate entire cities with Rife frequencies which would pass through your body and do their work. But how would you charge people for that see?

4. With the radionic instrument you can:

5. Yes, you have right. Write a message on a piece of paper and place it on the Radionics output plate. Then run the right frequencies. I have everything ready but for me, it's not ok to send frequencies to people who not approved.

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