Why I'm so tired after running Morgellons and Lyme protocol?

1. Healing takes lots of energy - at least at the beginning, although it may be quite a while for some issues.
2. There are lots you can do with oral supplements too.
When your body has a herx reaction it is desperately struggling to remove toxins from your blood, most of them are dumped into the digestive tract and many are reabsorbed into your system. You can stop this with supplements such as activated charcoal.
Further, you can help support your cells that are being poisoned by the toxins with antioxidants such as astaxanthin (red krill oil) resveratrol(blueberries), lemon balm etc. Berries, in general, are excellent.
B12 is very useful in protecting neurons when in this state.
As far as Lyme protocol, it is very thorough but will likely leave out a few stranglers as your environment can reinfect you so boosting your immune system is very helpful, and easy with common supps like reishi, fresh garlic, encandin, lysine, and high dose Vit C.

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