What does Spooky2 Remote do?

1. The Remote allows treatment while not attached to the machine by cords. The fingernail is the attachment. The terrain protocol kills bugs smallest to largest, and will get parasites. After you run it, you can do a biofeedback if you want, or just focus on the bugs you know you have. The Biofeedback and track/kill is part of the software that runs all the machines. It does not diagnose, but you can use it to kill what you want you want so long as there is a preset.

2. Your fingernail is a part of you. Even when you separate it from yourself, your energy aura stretches to still contain this living part of yourself in the aura. By this manner, the signal you send to your fingernail is also instantaneously sent to your entire body/aura as long as the DNA remains 'alive'. This is quantum entanglement - what happens to a part happens to the whole. You will not hear the remote while it is running. You will, however, feel the symptoms and know its working. The terrain program for 11 days is meant to run via remote, so you are not expected to sit for 11 days on contact. You will know its working when you start sweating, smelling bad and going to the bathroom more - detox. If you get a headache or other symptoms that are uncomfortable, pause the machine, drink water, take a break, take some activated charcoal, and restart when you are ready again.

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