Why can't I see the laser beam in the colloidal silver?

The calculator assumes a specific current flow through the water. If the actual current is more or less, the time will vary.

Different distilled water allows more or less current, so the only way to calculate better is to measure the current and correct the calculation.

The other method is to run the program longer until the laser shows a line.

For more details, please check the link:

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    Gordon Clemett

    I just started making CS.  I have same question/comment.

    Testing with 1.2  liter glass pitcher with 1 l  steam distilled ozonated water.

    I did as shown in a spooky2 video,  folded silver rod in half  to fit pitcher height.

    current reading  aroumd .04-.05 ma.  not as stated in spokky2 info(.2)ma

    Next took doubled silver rod and put both legs in water  now get .08ma, this makes sense.

    So do I have a faulty boast or xm generator??

    Or do I have ozonated water as a problem?

    Oh forgot the cable that came with unit didn't work on second batch  , red wire crimp at alligator clip was open bad manufacturing and no quality check at factory.

    One must check cable continuity when received.

    3rd batch I'm trying Reverse osmosis  charcoal filtered, noticed after 2 hours I can see laser beam in water, dark room.  First batch took 4-5 hours to see any faint laser beam.

    Next batch will be my own steam distilled water as a test.

    I would like someone to report if they have ever got .2ma in their water.

    If not I would like who ever at SPOOKY2 did test and got .2ma explain their process so I can duplicate. 

    Best I can get with reverse osmosis is .09ma.   This takes double the time Spooky2

    marketing info indicates.  Spooky2  please explain.


    Vancouver BC


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    Gordon Clemett


    update after 40 hours . just measured current   now  at .24 ma.

    Maybe marketing info should say starting current will be  around .04 with 1/2 silver rod to begin with. or .08 with full rod.  full rod at near end of time will be at .2ma

    That would eliminate all concerns about generator functioning correctly.

    I apologize for my first comments without checking current near end of run time.


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