What frequencies on Spooky2 would be best to help a person in reprogramming their subconscious mind, healing traumatic experiences or just changing old beliefs?

1. I would aim for the Solfeggio and the Chakra balancing programs in Spooky2 to help with this. Also, combine it with meditation and daily positive affirmations.

2. I would certainly incorporate Shuman frequency - 7.83.

3. You may consider searching under 'emotion', stress, anxiety, etc. You may also want to research binaural technologies

4. Search under programs for David Halliday frequency. He contributed quite a few presets - emotion code, forgiveness, increase happiness, etc to the Rife database.

5. Trapped emotions and stuck emotions are associated with different organs. Example the lung and grief. Here is a list. 915- Stomach, disgust, obstruction, ego despair, nervous. 916-spleen, low self-esteem, lives through others, over-concerned, hopelessness, lack of control, over sympathetic. 969-lung, grief sadness, yearning, cloudy thinking, anguish. 919-large intestine, dogmatically positioned, crying, a compulsion for neatness, defensive. 619-kidney, fear, dread, bad memory, paralyzed will, contemplative. 943-bladder, lift, timid, wishy-washy.

The 929-Gall bladder, resentful, stubborn, emotionally repressed, depressed, indecisive, 937-liver, anger, irrational, frustrated, aggressive. 111 and 919 - heart, forgetful, overjoyed, abnormal laugh, lack of emotion, rapid mannerisms and speech. 979-small intestine, loss, abandon, deserted, absent-minded, insecure, unrequited love. 929 and 00031- thyroid, muddled thinking, instability, paranoia, emotional, instability. 000075 and 00032- adrenals, 00091 - prostate, 4095- testicles, 112- ovaries uterus. 17001-uterus. 1701-pituitary. 3391-uterus, the emotions for those are non-thinking, non-emotive, repeated, suppressed sluggish memory, and vivid dreams. Hope this helps. I got this list from a naturopathic doctor.

6. 4 -7hz is the Alpha Brain wave state... this is the ideal programming frequency for SC mind.

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